About us

We cater the sport with new stars 

Anne-Sophie Thiam Aaltonen

Founder of the company and has over 35 years of experience in stud business. 

She started her career at Nils-Gunnar Hansson as a 14-year-old and, together with "Nisse", built up Askö Stuteri. 

In 2011 Anne-Sophie started up her own company and, until 2017, has run insemination operation at Askö Stuteri.

Now she moves away from home and launches Gocksta Stuteri, hoping it will be a successful business! 

Sandra Persson

Sandra has worked with horses for about 12 years. 

She started working at Askö Stuteri in the summer of 2007, shortly after she graduated. 

In spring 2008 she graduated as a artificial insemination assistent at Flyinge. 

Sandra is responsible, together with Anne-Sophie, for the horses and the stable, as well as collecting the stallions. 

Robin Östlund

Robin works as a farrier and runs his own company Östlunds Hovslageri and he makes sure that the horses at Gocksta Stuteri well kept in the feet. 

He completed the farrier training in 2011, is an approved farrier through the Swedish Board of Agriculture and is a member of the Swedish farriers' association. 

He has been at Gocksta since the turn of the year 2018/2019. 

He is, together with his partner Louise Croon, also a stallion owner of Naestro SC which is stationed at Gocksta.

In memory of 

Nils-Gunnar Hansson 

Nils-Gunnar had many years of experience in breeding and followed in his father's footsteps and the starting shot was with the stallion Ismir 597 which was approved in 1979. 

In 1982 he started Askö Stuteri which became and is still world famous in equestrian and trotting. 

After Ismir 597, a number of stallions followed at the station, but above all, Nisse, with well-chosen riders, got through 9 stallions at the Swedish stallionlicensing. 

In addition, he was a contributing link that Cortez 679 remained in breeding. 

* Romeo 722, approved 1986 

* Krius xx 906, approved in 1995 

* Silvano 1047, approved in 2003 

* Carte d'Or 1056, approved in 2003 

* Carland 1113, approved in 2006 

* Ziezo 1168, approved in 2008 

* Wilton 1137, approved in 2007 

* Bravour 1197, approved in 2010 

* Contant Q 1203, approved in 2010 

* Clever Hill Q 1222, approved in 2011 and became champion of the licensing among the dressagehorses! 

"Nisse" was Gocksta's biggest support and was happy to share his experiences and also came up with new ideas.