Bravour 1197

Cornet Obolensky- Quattro B - Gershwin

Born 2006,  170 cm 

AI, TAI 3125 SEK + 10000 SEK at 40 day. Pregnancyinsurance* included with 7000:- (required pregnancycertificate)
*The insurance can not be signed if the mare is older than 20 years

From an article in magazin "Tidningen Ridsport"

"9 stallionhints for 2018 -
Bravour, Index 136
Justification: An early son of Cornet Obolensky, made and bought way before the father participated in the Olympic Games and became famous, and for a long time was the only approved son in Sweden. 
The linear description shows the strong acquisition of positive jump properties on all parts of jump techniques, prepared with caution and rapid reaction."

BRAVOUR´S first 3 year olds were shown in 2014 with a dazzling results and placed there father second only after Cardento on the father's score in showjumping! He became the best new stallion on the jump index ranking! 

August 2010: At the Quality Competition at Strömsholm Bravour got double qualification! First, he became the best jumping horse with 10-10 in jumping (10 8 8 8 10 10 - 9.20p) He also became the third best gaited horse with the score (10 8 8 8 9 8 8 8 - 8,13 ). 

Bravour is by Cornet Obolensky, one of Europe's superstallions who as 7 years old competed internationally. From the first crop of offspring by Cornet Obolensky 14 stallions were approved. Now, however, the number is even more when he is father of more than 30 approved sons. The offsprings get the highest scores in rideability, gaites and jumping ability.


The mother, Pocahontas is keur in Holland and was recorded in the pedigree already as 3 years old. She has three exported offspring, one to the United States, placed in the South Hampton finale, one to Jos Ceulemans in Belgium and Bravour to Sweden. 

Quattro B is the grandfather of Bravour and he competed international showjumping. He has 10 approved sons and in 2004 he had two offspring who were in the Olympic games; Quando Quando in dressage and Oliver Q in showjumping. R-G Bengtsson's Quanta Costa is also her b: Quattro B.

Bravour will be stationed in Gocksta Stuteri under the season.