Dingtuna, Västerås, SWE



We still have some foals and young horses for sale! Email us for more information! gockstastuteri@gmail.com

This breedingseason was a fantastic year for us and we want to thank all new and old costumers and we hope to see you next year!

We and Hallstahammar Veterinary Station want to thank you for a fantastic first season here at Gocksta Stuteri! 

Good luck with your mares and we hope for a return in 2019 


Contant Q, Bravour, Knockout RMH, Baloé Hp, Digital VT and Clever Hill Q has been tested for WFFS and we have unfortunately been told that Bravour is possitive.

 Bravour will still be available in breeding but we recommend anyone who intends to use him to test your mares. More info coming! 


Now we have finally got a solution in the logistics during the season. As everyone knows, Post Nord has got a lot of trouble and even this year, express letters could not be sent beyond Hudiksvall. But now the Hingsthållarföreningen, together with SWB, has reached an agreement with a national carrier. As a result, Fridays will also go through the transport company.

This also means a price increase. Everything that goes by car will cost 800: - + VAT and what goes by air 900: - + VAT.

Welcome 2018!

Now we start a new chapter and look forward to the 2018 season! As you probably already know, the supply of stallions is the same as in Askö. We still have cooperation with Nisse and we are very grateful for that.

Stallion news!

Baloé Hp 1342 (Balou du Rouet - Clearway - Corrado l) was approved in 2018 and did a fantastic test with Arnold Assarsson!

Knockout RMH 1377 (Kannan - Caretano Z - Landgraf l) also approved at Flyinge 2018 with points 9,5 for jump ability, 10,0 for temperament and development ability, totaly 9,6 points.

Friction (Scarlet Knight - Hermit Lady - Express Ride) who makes his first year in Swedish breeding.

Spring Erom (Gentle Star - Springflickan - Prince Mytic) the popular horse who has finished his race career.


Now the move goes from Askö to Gocksta. Over 80 horses are moved to the new nice premises. 

Welcome and take a look at our new facility!