Gasque RP 165

Verona's Gershwin - Urbino - Landru**

Born 2005,  133 cm 

2 500 SEK for use, 4 375 SEK 40 day pregnancy

Winner at the performance test & stallion of the year 2009!!! 

Gasque got the highest jumpingpoint that a jumppony ever received 9 9 9 10. Of the dressageriders he got 9 9 9! Exterior 9 8 7 7 8 8= 47 G 2009, GII 2010 

In the breed of ridingpony you need a good temperament, high ridability, good jumpquality and cooperative. In the performancetests Gasque have shown hi's got all that!  

He went LA showjumping already as a 5 year old and finished 4th in the final in the championat for young ponys. 

offsprings: Nasdaque, 50p as foal and know ready for perfomance test! Shiras, dubbeldiploma in 3 and 4 year old youngster tests! Gamina, 9 9 in jumping at 4 year old youngster test and final in Swedish Championships for young ponys. Busan, MSV showjumping, 1th place at the District championships, Swedish Championships for young ponys. Gabina, 67,5% in LB dressage, LB showjumping and P80 in eventing as a 5-year old. Niva, MSV showjumping, 4th place among 6-year olds. Little Gilbert, b-12, jumps 110cm among big horses. Galant ER, got 83,3% at the foalshow.  .

Gasque's father, Verona´s Gerswin RP 136, with his young age, has already left his mark in breeding of Swedish ridingpony, among other things, three approved sons. 

Gasque's mother is the famous competition mare Urmina RP 1199H b. Urbino 430- which have give many successful offspring in the pony sport. 

Urmina herself has in addition to fifty-one placements and victories in dressage and showjumping- also started the Swedish Championship in eventing and have victories in exhibition. Urmina is also mother to the approved ponystallion Pondus RP 155 who came in second place in the performance test 2007. As a 4-year old Pondus competed in LB dressage with 73% and clear-round in LC showjumping. In 2008 he was approved in both dressage and jumping on the performance test and was awarded G Il. When he was 5 years old he jumped clear-round in LB and won the Championat for young ponys in dressage. 

From Urmina's motherline the competition ponys will also come,  Focus, Filippa, Fabina, Famina and Epsilon who all competed successfully in MSV showjumping. Epsilon and Fabina has also won the Swedish Championships in eventing!! 

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