Everything at the same place!

Full rent service
  • Full service stable where you only have to visit your horse when you want. Veterinary and ferrier are not includeed in the price. 
  • The mares stay on stalls and go out in big paddocks with other horses daily (own small paddock can be fixed if she can't go with others)
  • A stallion stay also stall in separated stable with other stallions. They go out daily in paddocks fit for the horse. 
  • Foal and young horses stay in a freerange and aslo go out daily in paddocks.
  • Summer grazing.

Foaling Surveillance

  • The stalls are very big provided with camera. 
  • We have over 30 years of experience with in average of 25 foals at year.
  • We have good contact with veterinary who can come out quickly if something goes wrong. 

Chipmarking and ID-control

Anne-Sophie are an approved ID-controller for both riding- and trotthorses.

If you want your foal or young horse in shows, we also can fix that!

For more information, call or send us a message!