Aragorn GE

Judio VII - Nabrisa

P.R.E, Pura Raza Espanolacodigo; 7240150902SE176 
Born 2009
Grey, 167 cm
Breeder; Stuteri Gedemo
Breedingapproved level; apto 2014

                                                             Charges;                                                                                                      Bookning 1875 SEK                                                                                                                           For use 3125 SEK                                                                                                                P.R.E 90 days pragnancy 11250 SEK                                                         - others 90 days pregnancy 8125 SEK

Aragorn is a handsome stallion with a lot of radiance. He wakes up wherever he comes, thanks to his amazing temperament. He is competed in some dressage competitions with good praise. Has a very good riding ability and 3 excellent gaits.

Merits; Stallion champion and Ridetest Champion, Campeonato de Suecia 2015 Reserve Stallion champion, reserve ridetest Champion, I Feria del Caballo 2015. 1a, dressage - LB2 73,66% (2015) 2a, dressage Lb3 70,3% (2015) offsprings; first come in 2016.
Owner; Therese Edlund