Spring Erom

Gentle Star - Springflickan - Prince Mystic

Born 2005            163-160-168 cm

Starts 112 (32-17-10) 8 286 841 SEK 1.09,2  Winner 29% Place 53%


2 500 SEK for booking + 22 500 SEK for living foal

The first 10 booked mares who have earnd more than 200 000 SEK gets a free living foal charge

Spring Erom has a well merited competition career but now, as a 12-year-old, he has to put the competition shoes on the shelf and devote himself to breeding instead.

  • As a 4 year old he won the Eskilstuna 4-yeartest, Derbykval and St. Leger 
  • As a 5-year-old he forge ahead MAHARAJA in Kjell P:s memory. Won ÖREBRO Int. 2nd in the Copenhagen Cup 
  • As a 6-12 year old he has won in NINE GOLD DIVISIONS, of which two FINALS SWEDISH RECORDS at 2700m volt at 12.9 
  • As a 11-year-old, second place again in the Copenhagen Cup and also 4th place in the EUROPEAN MASTER FINAL (11.0 - 2140A) 
  • As a 12-year-old finalist in both OLYMPIATRAVET and ELITLOPPET (09.2 in the heat)