Rink van Hestegaarden
Fabe 348 (Sport Preferent) - Trian van Ameland (Model Preferent) - Reyert 337

166 cm           Born: 2013

Breed - Friesian

Studbook FPZV


3125 SEK for booking + 6250 SEK at 40 day pregnancy

Rink received 7.80 points from the judges from FPZV September 2016,

highest score of participating stallions.

During the stallion tests in Germany in 2017, when Rink was approved for breeding, Rink got very high points (9/10) on - "character", "capacity-riding", "learning ability" and "driving"

A positive, safe, easy-to-learn, developable stallion eager to work!

Rink is available for breeding in the European Union through semen for friesian mares and other breeds of suitable kind.

Rink has a clearly interesting line of blood through the Fabe (Age line) and Reyert.

This allows the inbreeding to be kept low and suits many mares. He has also very good quality on his semen with 97% on fresh semen and very high pregnancy during his first season 2018.

In social media worldwide his followers tell that Rink probably soon will challenge "Frederick The Great" (Rinks half-brother) about the title "The World's Most Beautiful Horse."

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Instagram rink_thefriesian

For further information, please contact the owner Anna-Carin Sandberg Jödahl

Phone; +46 733 704050

Mail; rinkvanhestegaarden@gmail.com