Naestro SC 9516

Emmerton - Ludwigs Champion - Alpen Fürst

Born 2018, 167 cm

Non WFFS carrier

Approved in  SWB on "Accepted" level


3 125 SEK +

6 250 SEK 40 day pregnancy

Naestro SC did its licensing test this year at Strömsholm. 

Among the 3-year-old jumping stallions, Naestro SC received the highest total score, exterior, gaits and jumping added together. 

He got the highest exterior score of all jumping stallions, and only two got higher total points. The only thing that slowed down was the loose jump where the average score needs to be 8.5 to reach the Premiered level, and Naestro SC got 7.5 - 7.5.