Knockout RMH 1377
Kannan - Caretano Z - Landgraf l

170 cm    Born 2013



3125 SEK for booking + 10000 SEK at 40 days. Pregnancyinsurance* included with 7000:- (required pregnancycertificate)

*The insurance can not be signed if the mare is older than 20 years

Photo: Yvonne Karlsson
Photo: Yvonne Karlsson

Knockout RMH made success on this year's stallion test with idle praise! He got the top score of the test riders, and by the judiciary the statement solved: High Capacity. God rhythm, balance, advancement, good back effect and leg technique. Rapid reaction ability, correct himself very good. Attentive, cooperative and energetic. Very good canter, adjustable, good riding ability, similar jump. Very focused on approach. 

In jumping grades, he gained technology and ability 9.5 and developmentality 10.0! 

He got 9.5 points by both test riders and the odd praise over him! Jennifer Fogh Pedersen: "Very functional canter, adjustable, uphill. Provides a great sense on fences, scopy, jumps through the body, careful, attentive"                                                                                                                   David Maarse: "The best up to now! Scopy, careful, rideability good. Soft to ride. After the mistake-top correction. Very nice to ride"

Jumpindex 21,3

Knockout RMH's father Kannan need no closer presentation. He is 7th on the world rankings of the best showjumpers in the world in 2017. He has a long track record and started in the breed at an early age.

Knockout RMH's mother Celine H Z is born in Sweden and comes from Stuteri H in Horred. She has competed up to 135 jumping and one of her 6 offspring has compete in international showjumping. 

Her father Caretano Z was ridden by Jos Lansink with success in international showjumping. Won qualifying for "Sires of World" in Kiel 2000 and became second in the Liege Grand Prix.