Tinder 1435

Nintender - Orlando - Glennridge

Born 2017, 166 cm

Non WFFS carrier

Approved in SWB on "Premiered" level


3 125 SEK +

7 500 SEK 45 day pregnancy

Tinder 1435 did the licenstest this year on Strömsholm with good reviews from the judges. 


Tall, short-lined and well-developed with, among other things, 8.0 for his extremities. 


Jumps with good forward motion, back action and leg technique behind. Large capacity. Attentive and fearless. Good self-confidence. 


Rhythmic, somewhat short strides with quite good energy. Rhythmic, fairly soft and light trot with good energy. Rhythmic, fairly round gallop with pretty good energy. 

Tinder can be used for jumping breeding, with advantage for mares with a little length in the trunk to improve jumping capacity, back action in the jump, hind leg technique and adjustment.