Baloé Hp 1342
Balou du Rouet - Clearway - Corrado l

172 cm               Born 2014



3125 SEK for booking + 8750 SEK at 40 days. Pregnancyinsurance* included with 7000:- (required pregnancycertificate) 

*The insurance can not be signed if the mare is older than 20 years

Baloé received during the 2018 stallion test 9.0 on the type, HHB 8.0, Extremities 7.0 and the assessment solved: Large, long-line, well proportioned. Small expressive head, long arched neck with natural resurrection, high withers , slightly low back and well-formed cross. 

In jumping he got from the judges on technique and ability 8.5 and on temperament and development 9.0 

Of the test riders, he received 8.0 and 9.0 with ratings like "Good, athletic with scope. The mouth and the canter are good"

Jumpindex 19,3

A stallion with a pedigree of absolute world class, as during the stallion test, received an assessment: A stallion with a positive attitude, resilient with a good stamp. Good rhythm, balance and forward-looking. Safe assessment, fast response, correct himself good. Confident, cooperative and energetic.

The father; Balo du Rouet, has only 195 offspring in Germany who compete successfully in difficult jumping. His father Baloubet du Rouet is a three-time World Cup winner and won individual Olympic gold with Rodrigo Pessoa. In addition, he has left an entire armada international sports champion who convinces his position as a for inheritance. 

Baloé Hp's mother Unta is from a Holstein mother line who has given a number of approved stallions and a number of severe class horses in jumping. Unita is by Clearway, who was one of the most promising stallions of the Holstein Federation, and one of the noblest sons of the famous Capitol I from the amazingly beautiful Holsteiner mare Wodka II by Lord-Ramiro.